The Longest Fricking List Of Clutches You’ve Probably Ever Seen!!

When it comes to accessories, I have three forever favorites: rings, clutches and scarves. So, since I write a lot about rings here all the time, and everybody is writing about scarves in this season.. let me show you the clutches I CRAVE the most!:)Some of them are affordable, some others…nooooooo 😀

1.Smithson Colorblock Panama Travel ClutchSummery and fresh, perfect to make you feel on holiday during every season!!

2. Wooden Clutch by Tesler:  A unique piece that makes a statement in any way you wear it!!

3.Loeffler Randall Clutch: Watercolored, floral beauty..

4.Studded Mini De Manta Clutch by Alexander MCQueen:  The badass of the bounch!!It calls for leather pants and biker boots!!

5.Antonello Foldover Cotton Clutch: A little cotton treasure to pair with an ice blue shoulder bag -just sayin’-

6.Jaques Vert Overlay Clutch, Blonde: Sometimes you just feel like going B&W exception for the clutch!

7.Beaded Ring Clutch Bag by Tom Ford: As hypnotic as chic!

8. Christian Loboutin Marquise Clutch by Christian Loboutin: Loboutin knows what he’s doing, as always!!

9.Turquoise and Pink Tye Dye Clutch Bag by truliegifted: Feels like sunset!


10.Pink Snakeskin Knuckle Box Clutch by Alexander McQueen:  A little pastel pink little jewel to make any outfit precious!!

11.Mirrored Metallic Clutch by Zara: Simple yet outstanding, to use for a lifetime.

12.Comic Leather Statement Clutch by lovecortnie: To bright up a classic look.

13. Santa Fe Signature Clutch by Vaalbara: Simple textile babe

14.Rottweiler pouch by BENWINEWIN: Puppy eyes on a bag? Yes please? This shop also has racoons and other cuties!

15. Pink Doughnut Zip Top Clutch: I am not sure I’d wear this..but it’s so cute and maybe I could get a chef costume for costume parties just so I can use it!!


16. Blue Quilted Oversized Zip Top Clutch: Can’t never really go wrong with bright blue right?

32100984017. Tech denim and printed twill clutch by Alexander McQueen: Honestly, when I saw this I thought day wear was just waiting for it. It’s so simple yet geniously fun! Do I like McQueen too much? yup maybe I do..*blushes*

468774_in_pp18. +Sarah’s Bag Clutch Me Flash beaded printed velvet clutch: Original, for the kid inside you!

480489_in_xl19. Clutch bag “Peppermint” by Alysa Sonya: Cozy and romantic!!

20. Perfume Paris Handbag by Femininity Passion: Noir version of perfume clutches, that are usually pink 😉

Wow, that was long hm?? If you scrolled until this pont, maybe you’re as maniac as me..let’s be friends! 😉

See you tomorrow guys!



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