Best Reads – Full Color This Week!!


Hi there! It’s 10pm here and I’m just back from a fun but long working Saturday, where most of clients arrived 15 minutes before closing time. I’m just telling you this so you don’t expect me to write in correct English or whatsoever 😉 Or well, as correct as it always is, you know

Anyway, let’s see my favorite reads this week (they all involve beautifully colored stuff by the way)!!

  1. 5 Colors That Look Truly Amazin On Brunettes by Who What Wear: As a brunette myself I kinda knew this, but, for example, I’ve always thought hot pink wasn’t a good idea but now I’m willing to venture!!
  2. Use Nail Wraps To Create a Geometric Nail Art by A Beautiful Mess: I’ve used nail wraps for something similar such as stripes etc.., but this colors and shape are just awesome and this trick will save you from the endless iter of placing washi tape to make a triangle on all the 10 nails!!
  3. Swedish Pancakes With Cranberry & Orange Butter Sauce by The Sugar Hit: I mean, how good do they look?? To cook and have breakfast with calm is a major luxury to me, and if it smells like butter and’s perfect!!
  4. Party Thank You’s (Filled With Candies) by Make It Love It: A great idea, not only for parties!! One example for all; it would make an awesome Random Act Of Kindness for colleagues or school buddies!!:)

So!! Have a beautiful Sunday, and rest of the Saturday!! Take care!! I’ll drag my bones to bed lol



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