Very First EE Cream by Estée Lauder !!


So last week I went to my favorite beauty shop to get my regular BB and what do I find? That we have one more “alphabetic” cream in the family!! You can see it in the picture with random earrings and my Brosway ring!

Estée Lauder launched the very first EE (Even Effect) cream. It’s purpose is to correct discoloration , and to give skin..well yeah,a more even effect!

Needles to say that this works only if you start without very visible blemishes, in which case it will work as a treatment but it won’t cover much!!

I’ve been using it for the whole week now, and it leaves the skin really glowy, other then minimizing pores! I found out that it makes my nose and cheeks a bit too shiny though, so I’m using t with Mètèorites Pearls of Powder to balance.

It also has a spf 30 which can build up with your treatment’s spf creating a remarkable barrier against those nasty UVA rays!!

I didn’t see much of an effect of the so called colour correcting pigments, but it’s true that I don’t have dark spots.

This cream can be used under foundation as well. I personally can’t because my foundation is too pale to be mixed with anything, but I think the EE could give it’s best as a base!!

It’s pricey, as quality products usually are. So I’s say if you’re not a fan of the makeup-not makeup, go for a good foundation and cream treatment and stick to it. But if you just need something to improve the appearence of your skin on average days+an Estée lauder’s quality treatment..this is worth te price!

Overall, I like it and ‘m happy I tried it out!! It’s not everyday that I can afford this kind of bad gals 😉



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