Best Reads – Feelin’ Girly


Hi there!! Hope your Saturday is going great!!

I am not always a “girly” girl, in the most common sense of the term. I grew up in the countryside, so I often go for the practical way to do things. And I have done multiple jobs and life experience in general in an early age, which often gets me to talk about the most random and non-girlish things (like how you fix an industrial coffee machine lol). Despite that, I LOVE when I’m given the opportunity of being girly and talk about makeup and indulge in long baths and chatty coffee dates.

So this week’s best reads are all about makeup, pampering body and mind and a FANTASTC DIY that ‘m already dreaming in pink for one of my jackets! So let’s see 🙂

  1. The Makeup Experiment by Vivanna Does Makeup: Anna tried 5 new products for a natural looking and glowy makeup, perfect for daily use!
  2. DIY Embroidered Jacket by A Pair and Spare: An easy project yet wth huge impact that could seriously transform that old jacket in your new forever favorite outwear!!
  3. The Unspoken Benefits of Exercise by Free People Blog: A post that makes you truly realize why you should and should WANT TO exercise, without pressure but just because it’s really good for our body and -let’s not forget this- mind.
  4. How to Bathe Like a (Detox) Princess by She’s in the Glow: My favorite for last! This post made me REALLY desire to give up on everything and spend the afternoon in a hot bath! I’m now hunting for Epsom salts and essential oils!!

Enjoy the weekend everybody!!




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    Hey please check out my new blog citruslover


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      Done and followed ^.^

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