A Happy Week – Fall Colors and Full Tummies


This was another slowed-down week.

I am not 100% recovered yet and the body doesn’t keep up with the mind!! Which is not so bad after all, because I could take my time and actually have an excuse for it lol


Warm colored trees outside of my house are attracting us to the open air, to enjoy this windy yet sunny days.


The wind brought down a small nest. I am amazed from how complicated and perfect it is..can you believe a creature without hands did that??


Fall also brings pomergranate!! I am the only one who likes it in my house, so there is always plenty of it just for my greedy self hehehe..


My mom decided today that we need some meat to get all strong and healthy again, so she grilled a big big steak for each one of us!!


Later today, she also decided we needed some sweetness (God bless her!!) so she brought home some pastries and we made coffee in grandma’s old moka. Delicious!! You can also see my new forever favorite mug hanging there…it’s like my shadow since I got it..it comes where I go! 😀


Our roses are (almost) staying strong, despite the wind and the rain!!:)

What’s up with you all? I’m curious!!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. ecaroline23 says:

    I love the fall so much. The color of the leaves makes everything better, don’t you think?
    Great post!



    1. Jojo says:

      Thank you so much!! And absolutely!! I also love that we can start with hot chocolates and cozy sweaters!! ^.^


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