Online Shopping – The Healthy Way


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No modesty here, I’m kind of an authority about online shopping!! And as a woman, I know the huge amount of things that can transform this awesome activty in various kinds of anxiety, and keep us from enjoying it. It usually works like this:

1. A woman in any type of mood that can go from insecure to happy, from bored to excited, in the billon of shades we all know.

2. Will do some online shopping, all comfortable from my armchair!!

3.Damn, I can’t afford this. Oh that wouldn’t look good on me but hell, it’s so cute!!

4.Look, that’s inexpensive. I don’t need it but I can afford it..let’s buy it!!

Sounds familiar? I am now writing about it to tell you, we can be so much better than this!!

With all the money you might have spent in cat-shaped pillows and low quality lipstcks, you could now buy a pair of shiny Loboutins!

Online shopping can be not only so much fun, but can also make you save a lot of money if you do it the healthy way!!

So, here are some tips I took from years of “helping the online businness” if we want to put it like that:

  • When you start, put everything you want in the cart. Have no shame. Then leave it there for a day or two. At the moment to check it again you will realize there are so many things you added on the heat of the moment and you’ll delete them.
  • Don’t shop while you’re sad. Make it a promise for yourself for the day after, so it will still cheer you up but you’ll avod spending money impulsively.
  • Shopping as a reward for yourself is not always a good dea either. Online purchases are bad for that, because it’s something that can be done really quickly and recklessy!! Make sure it doesn’t become a ritual for you as nothing healthy can come from that! See it like this: you will success so many times that if you had to shop in every of this occasions you’ll go broke in no time! 🙂
  • If your bank account is on red..don’t shop. Don’t even browse. Go bake a cake or wash the’ll find something!
  • Need clothes? Shop by outfit! You know when you buy that pullover you really love but, after few days, you want to buy something to wear it with? It may seem like you’re spending a lot more than you wanted to if you shop one or two complete outfits, but that will prevent you from another session of browsing, that makes you usually add more things you don’t need. The cheaper alternative is to only buy something you’re sure you can pair with at least two items in your closet.
  • Before shopping, google “name of the shop”+ coupons 2014. There are some websites that have up to a 20% discount -on everything or on selected items- that are just waiting for you to find them!! My favorite sites are: , RetailMeNot , VoucherCodes, Goodsearch . But you can find many others looking specifically for the shop you’re intrested in!

I know we were having fun here but I need to say something serious now. Compulsive Shopping is now in the list of TRUE addictions, just like alcohol and drugs. So if you feel like your passion for shopping is getting on the unhealthy side, be aware that this can be fixed, and that you’re not alone. Talk it out with somebody you trust, and value if you’re going to need some professional help or if some more self control is going to be enough for you. I will be happy to have a talk with you myself, if you want! 

Hope this was usefull!! Do you have anythng to add? 🙂



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  1. happynfull says:

    You don’t know it yet but we’re going to best blogging friends. =P


    1. Jojo says:

      hahahaha oh that’d be nice ;))


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