This Guy Knows Me – So Many Penguins!!


My love for penguins is never been a secret, and S. knows that. And he also knows that I love surprises…so he did surprise me with a big pack containing all penguin-related items!! And I keep falling, and falling for this guy..!! :,)

The pack contained:

  • The cutest BIG mug with two fatty & in love penguins with a clueless expression that just drives me crazy.


  • Penguin slippers!! They’re a bit small for me but my floor always kills slippers&similars ayway (rough terracotta floor) so they will decorate some part of my room!!
  • Penguin Ice Trays!! It doesn’t really matter if it’s cold..people will get iced drinks pretty soon in this house!! 😀
  • Penguin Cookie Cutter!! For big, chocolatey cookies. Because don’t you deep a penguin shaped cookie in chocolate??Of course you do.

This man knows what he’s doing!!  Mixing penguins with my passion for cooking and cozy stuff…ha!

How many time did I say penguins in this post? It’s craaaazy hm? Oh look, I did it again!!

Now my question is: would you people like a post about how to pick a gift for somebody? Because I’m the biggest fan of surprises – specially if random ones-and I promise you I’m good at it! 😀

Let me know!!



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