I’m Back & I Bring Pink Brushes!!


Hi peeps!! Long time no see!! This one was long and, honestly, a bit scary but now I’m good and ready for normal life agan (kinda)!! 😀

So, for today, I would like to show you my beloved army of make-up brushes, which I recentky re-purchased because I had to sacrifice my old set for work. Before buyng this new ones I had a good look around, to see if something better showed up in the meantime but, as it turned out, they are still the best budget friendly professional set around..or the best I coud find at least! Check here for non-italian customers


Reasons why I lolololove them:

  • The set contains everything: from concealer to foundation brush!! The only missed thing is a kabuki, but I bought this one for few Euros more.
  • The hair doesn’t get messed up even after multiple uses!! When i brought the old set at work, I used it on an average of 5 faces every hour and cleaned them afterwards..and they’re still perfect!!
  • Most of them are white and pink. That means you can easily remember to clean them because you actually SEE the color on them!!

In the picture, you can see the new set together with a cleanser I’ve been trying in the last few months- Beauty So Clean Conditioning Brush Cleanser-, and with Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual. With this manual, it’s safe to say even your dog could learn the foundamental tricks for makeup and even more!!It’s precious!! And about the cleaner; if you use very heavy makeup everyday you might prefer something stronger, but for average day and night makeup this is very good, and it helps keeping the brushes all nice and polished!

Have a nice day everybody!!

ps: sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but the light s being really funny today!!



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