Instagram Favorites!!

Nuova cartella (3)1

Hey there!! I am still double wrapped in covers but getting better, and I promised you a bounch of instagram suggestions so let’s go! 🙂

  1. Maifun : Mai posts pictures of her adorable dog Sailo, her cats, places where she travels and every sort of cute asian toy and food! I helped  her finding her phone lost in Rome this Spring, all over the phone from Tuscany, and got to talk with her, so trust me when I say she is adorable!And Sailo..well, you’ll see!;)
  2. Passion Passport : A community of travelers and photographers sharing stunning pictures!
  3. Vanillaly_Coco : The best of beauty products, vintage pieces and some sweets, put together in a lot of elegant pictures in pastel tones that are a joy for the eyes!! And she always makes me want macarons hehehe..
  4. Susie’s Senior Dogs : Senior dogs needlove too! I know it because I own an energic 12 years old little lady that’s struggling right now because she doesn’t understand why I’m not going outside. Anyway! 😀 Susie works to find this homeless old dogs a proper home. They look just like those adorable grannies know what I mean?  😀
  5. Beautybets : Beauty and lifestyle account that made me discover some really not maintream products!!
  6. Pshiiit_polish : French geniusness (is this is or is ever been a word) of nail polish. Stylish, creative, innovative and amazing *.*
  7. Deviantart : A peek on the mind-blowing world the Deviantart website is. It’s increadible how TALENTED can some people be!!
  8. Mary Kate Fashion : I originally found her on Lookbook but  it’s a lot easier to me to follow her on Instagram. One thing I really appreciate about her style is that she doesn’t follow the rule “the more naked-the better” and most of her outfits are actually wearable in daily life!!
  9. David Zachman : A very strong little guy who’s facing a hard lfe with the most beautiful smile!!
  10. Spielkkind : Kerstin Hiestermann combines everyday things with drawing, to make the dreamiest, cutest pics!!

Ok we’re done 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed this post, written a bit from bed, a bit from the armchair, and thought with the very last working part of my brain, just so you know 😀

Have a great week everybody! Ciao!


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