Best Reads & A Happy Week All In One Post!


Yes..because..surprise surprise..I got sick too!! You may have noticed I didn’t post much this week, and this is because I was kind of busy staying alive lol

I am kidding don’t worry, it’s nothing too bad, just constant  high temperature gave me problems thinking! Anyway, I’m getting better and in a couple of days I will hopefully be as good as new! Let’s go with the links  then!

  1. 16 More Reasons To Fall For Fresh Flowers by Paper&StitchLike we needed more reasons for it..but! I had no idea there were so many creative things to do with fresh flowers and it also feels so professional to do it …like *sassy look* yeah..I STYLE flowers!! 😀
  2. How To Make Moon Pies on Food52: I know..I post about food a lot. But what can I do, I’m italian..:D And these are some empowered kind of biscuits so I’m sure you will excuse me!
  3. When “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough: How to Apologize Properly by VerilyI am very very happy that somebody wrote about it, and it was very nice to read as often we give this kind of things for granted. Truly interesting!
  4. Tree House Photos..nature Calls by Lynne Knowlton: This woman has a tree house!! a tree house with a bed, and a patio, and a kitchen!! This post is making my inner kid go nuts..and my sort of adult self instantly went dreamy dreamy!!And aside from this, Lynne is really really fun and a pleasure to read!

You might think this post is going to last forever but nope…we’re almost done 😀 As I might have told you, this week wasn’t exactly a fun and wild one..the wildest thing  I did so far was adding dried pepper on roasted pumpkin, together with the usual cinnamon and nutmeg. It came out great!



We also roasted the first chestnuts of the season and I made a hot drink with rosemary and cinnamon. It doesn’t really have a taste (you can add honey for that) but it’s really calming and soothing, and it smells great!



Oh yes, I have been browsing Instagram for an indecent amount of time while I was stuck in bed, (when I wasn’t browsing 9Gag) so expect a post filled with my favorite accounts! 🙂

Ciao guys! Wish me luck hehe..


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