Knitting For The Boyfriend!!


Few days ago, I told S. I wanted to knit a blanket (I was all pumped from Lynne Knowlton’s post here) and he went like “Oh nice, why don’t you make it for me? It’s starting to freeze here! ” Yay! If there was something that could make me start right away, it sure was the idea of making something to keep my boy warm!!

I bought  black yarns and learned how to start off with this video. After learning how to cast, I had some problems going ahead. For 3-4 hours, I thought knitting just wasn’t my thing, but there’s a special kind of stubborness that takes over me when I have to do something for somebody I love!! Fortunately, mom remembered something, and she explained to me what was I doing wrong 😀

Now I am going quite fast, and the second yarn is almost gone!! I find it very relaxing,and it also makes me feel like I’m keeping alive an important type of craft..too naive of mine?

I started with black but I don’t want it to be ALL black…and it should be a very manly blanket indeed!! I was thinking about few bold color vertical stripes…fluo green maybe? Ideas?

Ciao guys!


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  1. rkgummer says:

    I’ve never knit anything before! Good for you for starting the project 🙂


    1. Jojo says:

      Thank you! I read that there are many techniques but I’m keeping it veeeery simple hehe..
      If you want to start, that video I linked on the post is very very helpful! Have a great day! 🙂


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