A Girl Can Dream – Bento Lunch Box Magewappa


Say Magewappa one more time? Yup, it’ fun I know 😀 Almost three years ago, when I started University, I was often sleeping over to my friend Sofia because she lives in the same town the Uni is and it was easier for me to attend classes (and we were often staying up till morning to be honest, so I wouldn’t have ever catched a bus at 7am if I went back home!). But what with the Bento Box, you may wonder? I’m getting on it 😀

In the same year, I was working quite a lot for my agency and doing every kind of job that a full time student can do inbetween classes. That resulted in a super messy lifestyle; I lived with a change of clothes in my bag, along with EVERY kind of things. Getting to the point, I promise.

What I really wanted in that period (other than adding few hours as 24 would fly away under my nose) was something to put home-cooked food in!! I really had enough of sandwiches and every variety of cold stuff-you name it. But I needed it to be light and easy to carry because, even if with a huge bag, I’m not Mary Poppins. And not too small because when I’m hungry, I’m VERY hungry.

I couldn’t find anything to fit my needs at that time, and I guess that was a very strong desire. Yes, because even now  I easily fall in love for bento boxes and similars, even though my way of living did slow down a bit.

All this poem so you can truly understand how amazingly awesome I find this Bento Lunch Box by Japantique!! Bento boxes are way better that other recipients, because they hold a variety of foods without them mixing up in weird ways. Which means no more onion-scented brownies..blah..!!

Add the charme of a traditional japanese craft, and you will want this thing so badly it hurts!!

I talk too much don’t I?

Ciao guys!



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