Happy Random Sunday!!


This Sunday has been a bit of a traditional italian day and very random too. I did almost nothing during the week other than taking care of the house and my brother..so today it felt like all the tension was coming down for me, and for mom too.  For me, it resulted in a sleepy-but-willing-to-do-stuff mood, if you know what I mean!

I made ravioli al ragù, which I guess it can be translated in english as stuffed pasta with meat sauce.

This, and watching fun italian movies after lunch was the traditional part.

Then I discovered these vintage magazines you see in the picture-probably my parents bought them when they were fournishing the house- and had fun with them or a while!

Fortunately I got to stay a bit with S. on Skype,which is always amazing but specialy on Sundays..because we can take our time, talk about the most different stuff, plus I get to listen to him playing Assassin’s Creed and I looooove it 😀

Right after that, I made lava cakes!!


Sorry for no pictures of the food but it disappeared at the speed of light! (other typical italian thing I guess lol).

What did you do today? Been less stoned than me? 😀




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