Best Reads This Week – Food,Flowers Bombs and a Tip For Lazy Pals


Hi there!! Oh I love Saturdays (specially when i don’t work hehe..). I am going to show you some very AMAZING posts I’ve read this week! ūüôā

1. The Anatomy of a Perfect Breakfast in Bed -by My Name is Yeh:¬†The description what to do (and what not) to prepare a perfect breakfast in bed, taste and athmosfere wise! It made me suddenly want to do it more often, and to be really creative with it! Oh, and there’s a giveaway too!

2. Wildflower Seeds Bombs – by Free People Blog:¬†I know this is more of a Summer post/idea but I couldn’t help including it in the list because I got TOTALLYdazzled by it. I love that you could use the seeds bombs to brighten up an abandoned place with flowers, or give them as an easy DIY gift that represent growth and care for the enviroment. I guess there are some seeds that can grow in this season too so I don’t think I’m waiting for summer to do this!

3.Too Lazy to Iron? 5 Easy Ways to De-Wrinkle Clothes¬†– by WhoWhatWear:¬†That also applies to college students that need to pick between eating and buying an iron..I’ve been there too!!

4. Flavored Pop-Corn Kit Рby A Beautiful Mess: A PERFECT gift idea for those who do not prefer sweet food, or for a cute present after a movie night at home with your friends. I made some research on Etsy and found these classic red and white pop corn bags and these vintage looking ones ..maybe for an old movies session? I like this kind and  this one too, in hard paper.

What did you enjoy reading this week? Let me know!



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