A Night In the Hospital – Stuff I Needed

postDespite the title, this i gonna be a happy post 🙂

I think I mentioned that my brother was sick. Few days ago, his temperature was still really high and we had to bring him to the hospital, but now it’s all right and he’s already home! phew!

I spent last night and this morning with him until the Doctor told us we could go. There are some stuff that really helped me going through those 17-ish hours, without looking like dried fruit.

I hope you will never need those products in such a place, but I find them to be the essentials in every not-so-comfortable situation.

1. Avène Eau Thermale Spray: I know each and every blogger talked about it before summer, as an excelent product to bring on long plane travels. And I’m going to do it too because it really is! And for every other situation where skin can feel dry and uncomfortable too, like in a small room with three people inside, the AC on and windows closed..yes. I even sprayed it on my brother’s face because he was really dehydrated after high temp, and his comment was “oh!! I feel it getting inside my skin!!” (men..)

2.Yes!Nurse Hand Cream: My very favorite hand cream. It’s nourishing but never greasy. Fast absorbing, smells good and you can keep the tube everywhere because of its flat packaging. As I was often using hand sanitizer and water, along with rubbing my brother’s covers to get him warm, that cream felt like heaven!

3. Hair bends: You never want to be doing things around in an enviroment that’s potentially filled with germs and  then realize you’re rubbing your hair all over the place. Right?

4. Cute patches : I had a huge cut on my finger and I really needed to cover it. And I just love colored patches anyway!! If you think about it..you could be borrowing them to a sad children, or maybe just brighting up the room. After taking this picture, i put on both of those bandages (from Ikea and Tiger) and sent a picture to S. saying “This is art, baby!” Am I crazy?

They lie on my history book..left untouched unless for some brief moments I read it outload to help my brother sleep 😀

We also had S. sending some funny voice messages to make him laugh, and two of my dearest friends -Valeria and Sofia- coming over and keeping us company for most of the morning. It feels too good to have people life this in our life!!

Anyway, it’s awesome to be all home now!! My brother is 19 but, to me, he will always be a 6 years old boy with round glasses who needs all the protection in the world!!:)



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