A Girl Can Dream – The ALSKAN Extra Large Chunky Infinity Scarf


Winter is coming and there’s nothing better than a lovely scarf, specially if very big and in a beautiful color, am I right?

Now, the ALASKAN is very big and quite expensive for a scarf (95$), but i have a feeling that it would be so worth the price!! Etsy shop Ozetta has it in 28 differnt colors, and I find the one in the picture and the green to be particulary awesome! It is handmade and it can work as a hoodie, and you could probably wrap more than a half of your body in it!! I desire it so much *.*

I get cold very easily and I can’t always wear all the layers I want without looking like a crazy girl. If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of trying to close your coat on two sweaters -looking like the Michelin guy-  is real..

The shop, and Etsy in general, has many, more affordable options but what can I say..I’m in love!

Boyfriend, if you’re reading this, I guess I could enjoy this one more than diamonds! Lol, just kidding 😉



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