MakeSomething365 Day One – Carrie’s Quote!!


Day One guys!! I started with a project out of the book because I’ve been wanting to do this for a long while and I’ve never made some time for it. I saw this kind of pictures in many online shops, but my rule is: don’t buy it if you could make it yourself!

I think this is my favorite Sex&The City‘s excerption ever, and it partially justifies my compulsive clothes purchases soooo..hehe..

The project is actually pretty easy to make. I downloaded this simple background from We Heart It and used Picasa (any photo editing program will do good) to write this Carrie Bradshaw’s quote on it. Then I printed the finished picture on photographic paper and put it in the frame. Voilà!


Normal paper would do the job too, as it will have the frame’s glass on it anyway. I also removed some of the gold dots with the program so the text could be clearer.

Do you like it? Let me know!!



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