Best Reads This Week!


Saturday again!! In my house, Saturday means pizza for dinner, watching Maigret (a tv series about Simenon’s character..very tricky misteries and an old fashioned french sense of humor..ah!). To me, it also means giving you guys some of my favorite links so that you can enjoy them too! Let’s  get started..

  1. How To Trick Yourself Into Workout : a truly motivating article on Byrdie where the trainer Patrick Murphy explains us how to get our lazy selves to the gym as often as we would want to. I’m really into this “Catch my Flight” mentality thing..!!
  2. 13 Crazy Awesome Uses for Vaseline Still on Byrdie..those ladies were on fire this week! I will definitely try most of them, specially the one for nail polish!!
  3. Easy Hanging Rope Shelf: Okay. A Beautiful Mess is THE blog to me. They surprise and inspire me in This one was no exception; you can finish this rope shelf in a day and you can make it the dimension and color you need for any kind of space. Awesome.
  4. 10 Things You Need To learn To Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams: Aside from the breath-taking pictures that always distinguish Jinna’s posts, the content of this one is going to get you really wanting to improve your life. And a post that makes you get excited about this kind of stuff is always a good post!



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