Make Something Everyday and Change your Life


I got myself Noah Scalin’s Daily Creativity Journal!! Yes!! I needed something to remind myself to keep making creative projects even when the daily life becomes hard and overwhelming.

THIS is exactly what I was looking for: the daily suggestions are easy and opened to inerpretation. The introduction is inspiring and got me veeeeery very pumped!! 

My plan is to just follow the inspiration of the moment and see what happens. As Noah suggests, I will not stress out. I want this to be an opportunity to become a better, more fulfilled version of myself.

I will be posting my favorite projects here, and probably the everyday thing on Instagram, starting from tomorrow. So if you’d like to follow the project follow me here.

At the start of the book there are some links for people who completed the 365 days project. My very favorite is Stormtroopers 365. Stèfan uses two toy Star Wars Stormtroopers (along with other toys) to create amusing little scenes. I scrolled down and down this blog nd I’m simply amazed!!



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