Happy Things Lately – A Day Out and A Birthday Party





Hey there!! I’ve been in some very nice places lately and had the occasion to take a lot of pictures. My favorites has been a day out with my brother and a friend’s birthday.

Last Friday me and my brother were off to Siena, because the town was hosting a “Researchers Night” . The researchers from the University of Siena organized some stands in various parts of the town (during the whole day and until 2 at night), each one with a different topic. I particularly enjoyed the sea life stand and another one with freaking big insects that were mimetizing with leafs!!



Can you spot them?




Do you see the pointy balls in the water? They’re sea urchins!! We got to hold one in our hand and we could see it moving its spikes!! I am like children with this things..


This is the famous Amanita Faloide, one of the most poisonus mushrooms ever, and also the one where Smurfs live hehehehe..


This Vespa has a really fancy color..my brother was disgusted by it but I find it has its charme!

blog7 - Copia

Don’t you lie to me gals..each one of you dreamed to be inside  one of those at some point in life!! Me too, me too..

Few days before I joined an amazing BBQ in honor of my friend Sofia’s birthday. Her house in in a very small village, deep in Tuscany’s nature. Here’s the view from the terrace..


We had a huge huge meal with meat and other deliciusness. I had   my own chicken meat as I’m the only one who doesn’t want to eat pork hehe..but I could eat almost all of the other stuff..and I did. Oh, I did..

sofi1 sofi2

Then I got to stay for dinner with the family too, and Sofia’s boyfriend amazed us with a very professional sushi preparation (!!) that we accompained with two giant roasted fishes.


I didn’t make it in time to take a picture of the fishes because I was helping to set the table and when I sat down they were half gone already 😀

Did you enjoy the pictures? Did you have fun lately? Let me know, I’m curioussss 😀



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  1. murosm says:

    I could not spot any of the bugs and its annoying me….


    1. Jojo says:

      Hahahaha don’t worry there..they don’t bite! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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