Scathingly Brilliant’s Cat Purse Giveaway with a Random Act of Kindness!!



If you don’t follow Scathingly Brilliant yetI strongly advice you to do so! Why?

1) Kate Gabrielle is a cute, gold-hearted girl who always wears pastel outfits and cute accessories. She REALLY love her cats and she draws very chic doodles for her Etsy Shop hereYou might fall in love for her room too, which is very nicely furnished!

2) She makes a giveaway EVERY MONTH + another one for her birthday.

This time, you could win this adorable cat purse by performing a Random Act Of Kindness (and additionally donating any amount to a charity of your choice)..isn’t that a beautiful idea as well as a good way to remind us to be selfless?

I am going to enter with some homemade goodies delivered to some very hardworking girls I know, and a donation for a charity project in my town. But we all should hurry up..October ends quickly! 🙂

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