Borrowed from the guys – Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Nuova cartella (2)

Jack Black makes products that are meant mostly for men. Effective, easy to use, never greasy nor parfumed.

What they perhaps didn’t know is that their Intense Treatment Lip Balm with Natural Mint and Shea Butter is a FANTASTIC lipstick fixer!! I discovered that during a long working day in a Beauty Shop, when I bought it in the desperate attempt to keep my lips from falling apart from the letal mix of freezin’ cold AC inside+smokin’ hot weather outside. You can find it in 7  different types.

And there’s more!!  If used alone this balm heals dry and chapped lips in no time, it has spf 25 and I suspect it has a subtle plumping effect, but maybe that’s just the minty feeling 😀

I wouldn’t know about the other products but the promise of ingredients such as plant extracts and healing botanicals, added to the words “cruelty free” and “dermatologist tested” makes me want to send a bouch of them to S.  just so I can stick my nose into it!

The price is another up-side. $7,50 for a tube that will last FOREVER because you’ll only need to use a tiny bit of it at a time.

Just one thing though..don’t eat it up! It tastes darn bad!! But if you use the right amount it will not happend 🙂

Next thing I want to try is the MP 10® Nourishing Oil with Argan, Organic Marula & Grape Seed Oils to moisture skin and hair, and maybe one of their Natural Deodorants.

Did you try something from JB too?What do you think of it?



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