A girl can dream – Canasta Lounge Armchair



Canasta Lounge Armchair – B&B Italia outdoor on ambientedirect.com

How would your house be if money was no object?

Mine would be mostly white, with bold color touches here and there. It would have spaces full of light and a real big kitchen with lots of fancy tools. I would put our better pictures around and S. should have an “engineer space” with all the things he needs and that I might break by only LOOKING at them!

I would fill the home with handmade things and it should very often smell like freshly baked food.

Indeed it should have a big garden. I’d plant lavender to keep mosquitos away and some veggies and herbs, all with their little labels.

In my wildest dreams, me and S. sit in front of the huse, watching at the garden in a windy afternoon, enjoying the fresh weather and talking. And we sit in a magnificent lounge armchair just like this one by B&B Italia outdoor.

I love it because there is enough space for 2 people (+ eventual pets/kids/laptops) and it would be easy to fit a big cover if weather was too chill.

Anybody wants to share their dream house, or lounge armchair, with me? 🙂



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