Coin purse hunt!!


1. Frame coin purse with French Bulldog in pink by Thezakka

2.Frame coin purse citron grid on organic natural linen – Thezakka

3. Amigurumi crochet Whale coin purse – Sea and Light House (this one is a pattern to download)

4. MICO coin purse – Mico Handicraft

I do a lot of Etsy browsing. Like..A LOT! And fall in love for the most different stuff more than the healthy amount of times!!

Anyway, this time at least I had a very valid reason to browse. Since S. gave me his wallet, that doesn’t have a coin pocket, Euros are continuosly dancing in my bag making it hard to find them, forcing me to pay with cash and get even more coins..ugh!!

There is no way that I would stop using my boy’s wallet, so I’ve been hunting for a nice coin purse and those are my best finds!

I endend up buying one on Asos tho, which I’ll be showing you when it arrives hehehehe..

Any of you needed an excuse to spend few hours on Etsy? Thank me later..



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