Very first post!!


I would like to start off with just a simple picture of Eastbourne’s beach, in East Sussex. I traveled there in 2011 and it changed my life forever.

Thanks to this small town, its coast, it’s very friendly folk and the Eastbourne School of English with all the great people I met in there, I found a lot of strenght and self esteem and I learned that I could be appreciated exactly for who I am.

I did have a very happy childhood in Italy and most of my best friends are here, but I rarely felt appreciated for my skills and even opinions (and usually from people much older than me).

I learned to happily live with it (and I’ve always been the anti-conformist kind) , but feeling greatly acknowledged for my ideas and points of view in another country was a very welcome change!

Also, it was the first time I left home all alone and seeing that I was making it pretty well gave a considerable boost to my confidence!!

Also, I met S. in  there and even if we din’t know we were going to be a couple at that time, I couldn’t be more grateful for finding him!

I am sure I would have became a different kind of person without that trip, and I now like the way I am (most of the times).

As I keep seeking happiness, I will document a bit of this different type of journey in this blog, and I hope you will have as much fun as me!



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