Maison Bio Mini-Haul

Hello there! Now that I am finally working out like I mean it, I needed a good sun screen that won’t emlt away, and sport shower soap that purifies and unclogs pores!  I found that Maison Bio to fit my needs  pretty well!

How I Save Some Money

(I am in Paris right now but it looks loke I finally learned to plan my posts ahead..?) Any financial expert would advice you not to spend money before you earn it. It seems just common sense right? But if you’re working to pay something,call it University or a mutuo or whatever, you know exactly how…


Livorno is an AWESOME town on the seaside that I have visited for the first time last week, and I think it’s crazy that I went there just then!! It’s so beautiful!

Been Watching – Animes!!

That’s probably something a 20-something shouldn’t confess but…me? Nah. I’m a shameless lad. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve caught me already anyway, here and here 😀  Since last summer I started watching animes and I am IN LOVE with them! It was S. who intoduced me to them..oh, what would I do without…

We’re Going To Paris!!

Yess!! Me and my not-so-little brother are departing on September the 16th, and we’ll spend 3 days in that magical city!

Mindfulness in a capsule wardrobe

Picture taken with Paper Camera App So my dears, in the last few months I’ve embarked the capsule wardrobe adventure and been loving it! I’m not going to had it’s hard parts. Getting rid of like..70% of my old stuff was one! I really link memories with clothes so much, so I had to…

Marvis Toothpaste is The Best!!

I’ve always considered teeth brushing a chore. If anybody thought that this is a kids thing, I’m the proof that it’s not true. But! With Marvis toothpastes I can finally stop moaning like a 5 years old day and night, when it comes the moment to brush.

The easiest of the fruit puddings!

When I found this recipe, I felt truly truly happy. Why? Because once you get the hack, you can use any juice OR you can have fruit cooking with water and some honey and herbs and get a liquid out of it by blending and would still work. See the possibilities?

My thoughts on the KonMari method! (spoiler alert, I LOVED it!)

During the week before the bad connection one,  I’ve been up to a huge project: tidying my house (or better, my spaces), once and for all. I’ve been immensely helped in this adventure by Marie Kondo’s book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Not only she gave me the input…

Mah new love – Polar Bear Collar Pins

Oi!! I know ladies, I disappeared again. Sigh. This time was basically a combination of bad WiFi and laziness over the top of the world. Like, you know when you already don’t feel like doing anything, and you have to refresh 15 times because the Internet goes off? No fricking way. But I’m here now,…

New Look Quail Pink Two Part Heeled Shoes on Asos

I recently bought these shoes on Asos, but it took me a while to wear them as they were looking somehow “pinker” than I figured them from the picture on the website. But! On Monday I wore them with simple dark grey pants and a white blouse, and they did brighten up the whole outfit!